As a parent, when you become concerned about your child’s ability to communicate, it can be worrisome.

Many parents we work with are worried about their child's development, education, and future. All that matters is understanding what the problem is and helping their child get on track.

At Lindale Pediatric Therapy, we love helping kids reach their potential through speech therapy.

Your kid is smart! They just process information differently. Our goal is to find out how they experience the world around them and help bridge the gap.

If you feel worried about your child’s ability to speak, read, or comprehend, Lindale Pediatric Therapy is here for you and your child.

Our Approach

At Lindale Pediatric we create a fun and welcoming environment where your child feels comfortable and truly enjoys coming to therapy.

We use Evidence Based Therapy which includes therapeutic play to create language opportunities to help your child learn and grow. Therapy is guided by the individual needs and areas of concern for each child.

Child in Speech Therapy


Speech Disorders We Help With:

Insurance Coverage

The following insurance companies work with us:

Don’t see your insurance on the list? Give us a call to find out if it’s covered or to learn about our options.

Other Therapy Needs

We work alongside a great group of therapists, including a physical therapist and an occupational therapist. These experienced therapists help children who struggle with:

If you need to speak with a pediatric Physical Therapist (PT), we recommend Bo Keeling, MPT, PCS, at Busy Bodies Therapy.

If you need to speak with a pediatric Occupational Therapist (OT), we recommend Jill Kirkpatrick, OTR, at K Kids Therapy.

Schedule A Consultation

At Lindale Pediatric Therapy, we are about building relationships so we can provide the best possible service to the families we serve.

We offer a comfortable and inviting atmosphere where parents can get a short break from their hectic lives. So, come relax and enjoy a cup of coffee on a comfy couch while we provide excellent care to your children and help them flourish.